Change Your Stars

Mark has lived his whole life on Earth — which is rather tragic. It means he’s never met an android, never flown a Flarejet, and, worst of all, never cut clouds while riding a skyboard. He's really been missing out. But all that is about to change . . .

Mark soon receives a grand invitation to set sail for the stars. Accepting means attending a school in a starship, befriending the finest crew of rough and tumble outcasts, and together exploring unforgettable, dangerous new worlds. All Mark has to do is make the choice . . . to change his stars.

Mark From Earth



“Mark From Earth is amazing! My imagination was tickled by the soft kisses of playful baby seals as I was reading.”


“I laughed so much my mom called the ambulance!”


"Mark From Earth is like Harry Potter, but sci-fi!"


“Lloyd is so paranoid! My daughter loves it when I read him in a funny robotic voice!”


“Mark From Earth brings me back to my childhood.”


Mark From Earth is a Page-turner

There is a hilarious main character.

Mark felt dumbstruck. “That thing flies like a smug bald eagle riding a snarling winged jaguar into battle against armored elephants,” he whispered to no one in particular.

The boy next to him nodded vigorously. “Yeah, it’s a Blacknova….A.X,” he said, then didn’t continue, as if that was all that needed to be said.

Curious locations.

They walked into the Black Pearl Bazaar with Mark still muttering and Lexe still laughing. The bazaar had the feeling of an Arabian desert. An intoxicating aroma lingered, musky and laden with the dreams of exotic treasures from strange solar systems; the floor was sprinkled with grains of sand fallen from the shoes of cloaked travelers who walked in from dusty planets orbiting distant suns; around them, shelves bent under piles of oddities that, seen close up, whispered of mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Wise words from a wise mentor.

“Listen,” began the Captain, indicating that they should walk while talking. “You pose a danger to the over-inflated egos of these Malopien mules. If any regular kid can build a Flarejet and enter their exclusive club, well, their peach pearl pudding won’t taste quite as exotic now, will it?”
Mark stopped walking when the Captain did. He felt the old man's hand rest on his shoulder with certainty. A frown of doubt weighed Mark down. He looked up as Stan continued.
“To them, you’re different, and that’s dangerous. You’re in for a world of hate. Are you ready?”

And no book would be an interstellar bestseller without a dark, twisted nemesis.

“There is a new Daemon.” Eli Exor locked his intense silver eyes on the Captain. “Unlike any before. Inspiring loyalty until death and demonstrating a ruthless power over others as I have never witnessed.”

Mark From Earth


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